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Armchair Lecture: John Green's Legacy - CANCELLED

Date of Event: 12/19/2019 2:00pm

About the Event:

Our Arm Chair Tour lectures about the John Green House by John Patrick Schutz at the Nyack Library on Wednesday, Dec. 18 and Valley Cottage Library on Thursday, Dec. 19 have been postponed. 

A new date for early 2020 will be announced shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience. Happy holidays!

Explore the history of one of the oldest stone structure in Nyack, and the man who would become the father of commerce in Rockland County, a driving force between the Nyack Turnpike and daily Steamboat service to New York City, this successful businessman and progressive industrial visionary, nonetheless was one of the last to utilize slave labor in the state of New York. Learn about his structures, conveyances and infrastructure projects that became the backbone of the Village we know today that might not have been achieved without the forced labor of his workers. John Patrick Schutz is the Historian for the Village of Nyack and a relator with Better Homes and Gardens / Rand Realty Nyack.