“The Many Hats of Frances Pratt” Continues

Our summer exhibit, “The Many Hats of Frances Pratt” will continue by appointment only through August at our headquarters at 50 Piermont Avenue in Nyack. Please call 845-418-4430 to make an appointment.

Born in South Carolina, Frances Pratt arrived in Nyack as a young bride and has lived here ever since.  She worked at Nyack Hospital for over 50 years, serving as Head Nurse in the Emergency Room.  When she retired the hospital created a scholarship and a peace rose garden in her honor.

She received an honorary doctorate from Nyack College consistent with her earlier ambition to be a missionary.  In 1981 Mrs. Pratt became president of the Rockland NAACP and has worn that hat ever since.

In keeping with her leadership role in the community, Frances always appears in an eye-catching hat, seemingly a new one on each occasion.  She credits Marshall Pratt as the designer of these hats, each coordinated with a certain outfit.  She has a collection of 250 hats, some of which will be in the exhibition, along with information about her community service and her distinctive words of wisdom known to many as “Prattisms.”

Please call 845-418-4430 to make an appointment to see the exhibit.